Parenting can be Tough

But you need NOT worry.

Our “Parenting Toolkit” is

here to HELP you.

Are you STRUGGLING with the below parenting problems?

  • Kids not LISTENING


  • Kids not doing daily CHORES

  • CONFLICT with your children

  • Kids don’t STUDY or can’t concentrate


  • Kids not forming good HABITS

  • Kids under STRESS

  • Safety of Kids on INTERNET

Get FREEDOM from all the above problems

The Parenting Toolkit Includes

7 Strategies for Effective Parenting (eBook)

These are time tested strategies and all you must do is follow them and implement these strategies in everyday life. We guarantee that if you use the strategies in this guide correctly and patiently;  most of the problems mentioned above which you face while Parenting your children will disappear completely.

These strategies are simple to understand and implement – the only thing you need to do is

Extra ordinary Parenting(eBook)

“Are Your Kids Performing As Per Your Expectation At Home Or School?”

 Discover How To Bring Up Your Kids To Become Geniuses!

Raising an Optimistic Child (eBook)

As a parent, you want to try to raise your child so that they have the best chance to live
a purposeful life full of happiness. However, since life has its ups and downs, how do
you do that – especially if your child happens to have the “pessimistic gene”?

The Cool Calm Mom (eBook)

This ebook is designed to give new moms and second, third and
fourth time moms an insight into what the cool and calm mom does
to have better behaved children and a harmonious home.

Your Child's Mental Health (eBook)

This eBook provides parents with info on what they need to know about Children’s Mental State

Emotional Intelligence – how to teach your children Emotional Intelligence (eBook)

This sweet and short e-book outlines why Emotional Intelligence is important and gives practical tips and activities which you can do at home to enhance Emotional Intelligence in your kids. Emotionally Intelligent kids are said to have a better relationship in general and get better grades.

Eye Exercises for you and your children (eBook)

With work from home and online education becoming the new normal, this has introduced many health-related issues.
One of the most significant impact it has had is on our EYEs.
To protect you and your children’s eyes, regular eye exercises will do wonder.

In this eBook we have a list of eye exercise illustrated with diagrams for easy understanding to help you keep your eyes healthy and vision intact.

Be a Better Parent - Increase the bonding with your Children

When you buy the Parenting Toolkit you also get the following BONUSES!

  • Parenting in Digital Age

    Mobile phone rules for Parents

  • Behaviour Checklist

    Essential behavior checklist designed to support positive growth and development in your child.

  • Mood-tracker for children

    Parent’s printable Mood Tracker for Kids

  • Affirmation cards for Parents

    Parenting Affirmations: Finding Joy and Strength

  • Expressing Gratitude : GRATITUDE is the best ATTITUDE

    Teaching kids to have an attitude of gratitude at an early age will help them to grow up as happy adults and have a positive outlook towards life.

To summarize, this is what you get when you purchase the ``Parenting Toolkit``

7 Strategies for Effective Parenting (eBook)

Extra ordinary Parenting(eBook)

Raising an Optimistic Child (eBook)

The Cool Calm Mom (eBook)

Your Child’s Mental Health (eBook)

Emotional Intelligence – how to teach your children Emotional Intelligence (eBook)

Eye Exercises for you and your children (eBook)

Bonus 1 – Parenting in Digital Age

Bonus 2 – Behaviour Checklist

Bonus 3 – Mood-tracker for children

Bonus 4 – Affirmation cards for Parents

Bonus 5 – Expressing Gratitude : GRATITUDE is the best ATTITUDE


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